The colossal art work named "The Warrior's Spirit" was chosen by the Government of the State of Carabobo to welcome the visitors to Puerto Cabello. This giant sculpture was made by Cuban Artist Alberto Lescay. It is of bronze and 13 Mts. height with over 15 tones weight, and it was created by Alberto Lescay Merencio at the Monumental Atelier in Santiago de Cuba.

This sculpture was the winner of an special contest made specially for this project. The winning author was also the director of the making of Plaza Monumental General Antonio Maceo in Santiago de Cuba. Our hometown, full of contrasts and shades of colors is proud of the memories of its history when the warrior's spirit was always the commander.

The same spirit is still alive and stronger with the same strength from the past and still fights to reach the ideal of development and the honor of enjoying the rights the country has to offer such as education, work, security, liberty and development.

The city has been well decorated by its governing, but it claims now for a most profound work to improve, schools and hospitals, well directed employment policies in order to give the "porteños"the happiness and pride of being the sons from this land.